"Choose from the Drawing room, the Tavern, the Brasserie and the Terrace - all slicky designed and perfect for whiling away an afternoon or evening"

"Old - world British elegance marries new England glamour"

"It's a place designed for mischief of the best kind"

"Dial up the glamour with dinner and live music in the cabaret inspired brasserie, furnished with extravagant chandeliers"

"One of the most recent talked about launches in this hotspot set in a grand georgian house in Mayfair"

"Mayfair meets Dubai"

"A jazzy ensemble of generous brasserie, tavern, bars, and a secluded outdoor terrace"

"Dinner to debauchery transition seamlessly - a place where Mayfair proper can rub shoulder with emerging creatives"

"Fashions go-to-spot for drinking, dining and dancing"